Kids Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Ballroom dancing is an excellent way for your children to exercise and our dance studio now offers private lessons for children.

Ballroom dancing can also help enhance your child’s creative expression and grace since your child will be exposed to different styles of music. If your child is shy, ballroom dancing is a healthy exercise to help boost your child’s self confidence since your child will learn how to perform in front of an audience. In addition, ballroom dancing is a wonderful skill which your child can also later use as an adult for social dancing events. Also, if you have a child who has a competitive spirit, we can also help your child perform in children’s ballroom dance competitions. If your child doesn’t currently have a dance partner for competitions, one of our instructors can dance with your child or we can help find a partner for your child.

Private lessons for kids are available from Mondays through Sundays. Please call us if you are interested in scheduling an introductory lesson for $35.

We promise you that this is a wonderful skill that your child can use for the rest or her or his life!