Pre-teen I: 9 years
Pre-teen II: 10 -11 years
Junior I: 12, 13 years
Junior II: 14, 15 years
Youth: 16-18 years
Adult: 19 years
Adult B: 35-49 years
Senior: 50 + years

Avenue 56 dance studios have flexible timings for adults and children's. From the classy tuxedos and riveted dresses to the stately European music, dancesport competitions are a fantastic visual and aural spectator treat. While all of the ballroom dancers teach poise, refine social graces and help develop dance technique and skills, competitive dancing offers dancers the opportunity to share these refinements and newfound skills with audiences at events that are held almost every weekend throughout the United States.

Although it is permitted to compete in lower age divisions, most dancers chose to compete in a division with dancers of similar age and experience.