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Orange County dance lessons / classes can help you to be fit and healthy. One can learn different types of dance styles like cha cha, jive, rumba, foxtrot, samba, waltz, tango and salsa. Our dance instructors will help you in learning the perfect dance moves so that you can dance properly and elegantly.

One can find many dance classes or studios which will teach you some beautiful dance moves in Los Angeles and Orange County metro areas. Dancing is considered an excellent way to add an extra cheer to your life, thereby making each day more pleasing. When you sign up for our Los Angeles and Orange County dance lessons and classes, we cantake you wherever you want to go with your dancing:

• Fun social (You will be able to dance with confidence at any social dance event).
• Social, exhibition dancing (You will be able to show off to your friends at any social dance event).
• Fun competition (You will be trained to have a chance to win trophies and other gifts and prizes).
• Title-Search Competition (You will be trained to have a chance to win a dance title as well as trophies and other gifts and prizes).


1. Improved social life by making new friends. Many have developed life-long friendships with those they have met through dance. You will meet others who have similar goals and passions.

2. Improved health. Dancing is good for your heart. Research has shown that dancing several times per week can improve cardiovascular health. Dancing is healthy exercise that is fun to do.

3. Weight loss. Many have shed extra pounds dancing. Dancing will tone your body, and you will have fun in the process.

4. Improved overall posture. One of the first things you will learn is dance posture. This posture will become muscle memory that will stay with you wherever you go

5. Improved self-confidence. Your confidence will increase the more you learn and the more you practice. This confidence will carry over into the rest of your life.

6. Relaxation and fun. Dance is a healthy stress reducer. When you are having fun dancing, the last thing on your mind is the outside world.

7. Competition benefits. Some will experience the thrill of competition. You can come away from competitions with trophies, ribbons, medals, pictures and a general feeling of accomplishment and reward.


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"When I started, I had two left feet. You really helped us get down a great routine for our wedding, and we now have the confidence to pull it off! Thank you so much. We strongly recommend taking lessons with you. Thank you!"

- Scott and Yvonne

"It has been fun working with you! You are a great instructor. I can not believe we were beginners, and yet, in a very short time, we felt confident and ready for our first dance. We had a lot of fun. Thanks for everything."

- JL and JL

"You are an excellent instructor! You are very patient and made it very easy for my fiancé and I to learn a beautiful romantic dance for our wedding. Thank you."

- Jessica and Mike

"Thank you so much for helping us make our first dance special! We can’t wait to wow our guests at the wedding! We’ve had such a great time and have always looked forward to our lessons with you! We really appreciate your creativity and patience. We’re hoping to continue dancing after our big day! Thanks again for making this such a fabulous experience! "

- Marcia and Randy

"Before taking lessons from you, I had only danced freestyle socially. In my private lessons with you, I started with the Quickstep and soon fell in love with all the Ballroom and Latin dances. Now I love Ballroom, Latin and Swing. I didn’t know that learning to dance could be so fun. Thank you for helping me to discover my passion for dance. "

- Leslie

"Since taking dance lessons from you, I have made worlds of improvement fast! Your dedication, encouragement, and expert coaching make it easy and are second to none. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to improve their skills on the dance floor. "

- Steven and Susan